I know by now everyone is probably Halloween-ed out (Well except our family. Zander is already asking me when Halloween is again, and is talking about what he wants his costume to be). Anyway I couldn't skip over our yearly tradition of going to the pumpkin farm and feel good about myself.

I said, "Yoo-Hoo, look at me and show me your pumpkin!"
This was the look I received.
Obviously he was trying to appease me, but had places to go and people to see.
Little Beanie. All smiles.

Our boy has grown up so much since THIS post (and so has my photography ha ha)

Our perfectly perched princess.

Zander overcame his fear and rode the train.

Now no more Halloween post until next year. I promise.

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Freddie said...

Oh Wow these pics make me so homesick.. Even though i was never there for your pumpkin patch experience I sure hope i can be some day. :) Layla is so dang cute and smiles so much.. Zander is so special and funny and darling. and who is the girl that is holding Layla on her knee in the wagon? :) hehe