I can always tell how much fun my kids are having by the amount of dirt I find on Layla's face, and how many inches of sand I find in Zander's pockets. I think they had fun today.

Zander noticed how delicious Layla thought the dirt was so he had a little taste. He wasn't as thrilled as she was.

Layla pooped mud for days and I had to vacuum the sand out of my dryer.
With that being said it must have been a good day.


Julie said...

that's too funny! where is that dirt spot? did you guys tear something up?

Hannah and KC Stayner said...

I cant stop laughing at Zanders face when he is tasting the dirt. I have gone back to it like 10 times.

Layla should be mine just so you know.

oh and Smith ate sand on the beach in Mexico all day and would have the WORST sandy poop. I felt bad wiping it because it was exfoliating his bum. sorry TMI.

The Allred Family said...

YOu are the nicest mom ever. I would never even let me kids be kids I guess. Go YOU!

Cierra::The Yellow House said...

I adore your photos! So cute. My fav has to be your sweet little lady upside down with her head on the pavement. Classic. I have to ask you, I'm might be getting a new lens soon. I would love any recommendations you might have. :)