I LOVE my little family!

This picture is so precious of Paul and Zander! I just want to eat them both up!

What a silly cute boy, I think that he is going to take after his dad in the sense-of-humor department. "Superstar"

I think that I should be a little worried, Zander already knows how to pose as "Mr. December" in a pinup calendar. But then again...he is Paul's boy;)

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kateworthi said...

SOOOO cute. I love your little family too! How did Paul make his head float like that? Amazing! Congrats on the new little niece!

Hannah and KC Stayner said...

Do you like your new camera??? I laugh out loud every time I see a new picture of Zander.

Jennifer Heath said...

Are you going to make him wear a hood and a hat until his hair grows back?

jill said...

wow, how old is he?
he looks like he could be three years old by his posture in the the middle picture with the santa hat on.
what a funny little guy.
i love that name too. sooo cute!!
sure wished that i lived there to keep in touch better.
you guys are so cute.
merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

mr december pose is soo provacative. i just love this pic, esp with his juicy booty. hillary

Jorg said...

Cute Family and cute blog Jess!!! Zander is SO stinkin cute:)