Zions Family Fun

I am missing a lttr on my computr. guss wich on?

This wk w wnt to Zions Park as a family! It was a blast. W nvr gt a chanc to do fun things lik that.
Layla thought it was th coolst thing in th world and Zandr Bug playd Macho Man th ntir tim.
Layla rod in a pack on mommy and Zman insistd on doing th ntir hik by himslf...and succddd.

As many of you know...Zandr is obsssd with th school bus, and always wants to rid on on. H finally got that opportunity and as you can tll h had th tim of his lif... Actually you can't tll. H hardly vn crackd a smil th ntir rid.

Layla on th othr hand flappd hr arms and giggld h ntir tim.

You wouldn't bliv what happnd nxt...w actually wor th crazy kid out. W hav always bn undr th assumption that this was impossibl. Now w know that to war him out w simply hav to tak him on a 5 mil hik vryday.

th nd.

Can you guss which lttr is brokn?
If you ndurd through th whol thing you might hav an ida.


Jill, Kenny and Aiden said...

Haha, you're funny! I kept trying to read it like it looks, and I had to remind myself to add the E's. Looks like a fun day at Zion's!

Freddie said...

that is sooooo funny !! layla flapping hr arms and z bug gtting worn out aftr 5 mils.. cant imagin how worn out you wr.''' it was fun to s if I could liminate the E too...only mine was on purpose :)

McArthurs said...

Looks like a fun day.. TOO FUNNY about the missings E's.

billiebrand said...

are you serious this is the first time zander has ever fallen asleep spontaneously??? you guys do need to get out more ;)


That is the cutest family picture ever and I love the pic of Z asleep. He is SO cute. Boys and their energy.....how do we keep up?!?!?!