A day with my boy!

Zander and I went to the Father/Sons campout this weekend.
For those that know me well...this would be a shock.
I hate camping. I like to sleep in a comfortable, warm bed.
It was about 30 degrees in the middle of the night...far from warm,
and Zander is a wiggly 3 year old...far from comfortable.

I enjoyed every minute of that horrendous sleeping situation :)

4 hours of sleep later we woke up and ate a delicious breakfast.
We then drove home and Zander enjoyed sleeping the entire way.

I however, went to work.

Can't wait to do it again!


Julie said...

i didn't know it was fathers and sons. that makes me sad we missed it. paul, you're a good dad!

Jill, Kenny and Aiden said...

Good for you! Kenny IS a camper, and he didn't even go! I'm kind of sad my boys missed out on that fun, hope Zander enjoyed it!

Connie said...

Paul . . . just remember this is the first but won't be your last!!
What a good dad you are!!

melissa said...

Paul what a good dad! I'm proud of the sacrifice so that Zander could do the Father/Sons thing.

I think camping as a family is the best!