Thats a BIG bowl of corn

I got sick today and had a hard time fitting in all my fruits and veggies. I decided to pull out a bag of corn from the freezer and eat it all.

NOT my favorite way to gt fruits and veggies, but it worked.

This still seems to be my biggest challenge of them all. Exercise I seem to pull off and enjoy. H20 is fairly tough, but manageable. Scriptures, Prayer...yada yada yada. But getting my fruits and veggies... "That's a different story all toghetha. I ad to beat them to death with their own shoes."

I am getting better at it all though and feel better than I have in years.

Next week I will make sure to cross the t's and dot the....lowercase j's??


Hannah and KC Stayner said...

want to know what I do??? every morning I make a protein smoothie. sooo good.

1 scoop protein powder (chocolate)
4 strawberries (one serving)
hand full of blueberries (two servings)
1 lg banana (2 servings)
3/4 cup of oats
1 cup water
1 packet stevia (splenda)
and voila! I get all 5 servings in 1 sitting by 8 am

I usually end up eating more throughout the day too, but I LOVE me some smoothie in the mornin!

and a naked indian walking through the desert told me to do it :)

Jennifer Heath said...

Add a handful of fresh spinach,6 ice cubes [water] and replace the protein powder with a scoop of high protein french vanilla slim fast to the smoothie recipe above and you have another variation. I only use 3 ice cubes, but your ice maker makes smaller cubes.
It turns the smoothie green, but you can't taste the spinach at all.
I also sometimes eat frozen blueberries as a snack at night instead of popcorn when we are watching a movie.