Hallelujah for this ending.

The last day of the challenge has gone about like this:

1-6am -Wake up
2-7am-10pm -Go through entire day
3- 10 pm- Remember the challenge

and the rest goes a little like this.

4- 10pm -Do the challenge
5- 11pm- Go to bed.

You ask- "How can you do EVERY part of the challenge in one hour?"

This is how.

As you can see I am posting this blog at 11:28 on Saturday the 29th. The final half hour of the challenge is here...

Better run. Literally.


Jennifer Heath said...

I am really going to miss your families updates on the challenge. By the way your FHE photos look a little older than May 29th.

The Allred Family said...

Oh my gosh. I was peeing my pants looking/reading thsi post. I rememeber doing fam challenge and it was the same way. The worst part was peeing all through the night b/c I was too lazy to drink during the day.

melissa said...

...only you would think of such a wonderful post. Way to chug the hose water! I guess I've been absent for most of your challenge, but I am duly impressed.