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Sorry to do this and I am sure it is of no interest to anyone...but I have to get my journal/blog entry in for the week and I am in the final hours. I have to wake up at 6am and it is now 11 pm. So in the spirit of winning points in the Jewkes Family Challenge 2010, this counts. I think the letter of the is really beating out the spirit of the law here. thanks for beiing a captive audience. I will expand on our trip to Zions today in detail at another time. For now I just want my points. The End.

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Freddie said...

hummm does that really count? hehe Im excited to hear about your trip to Zionz.. Im going to have to write a blog called "Zanders musings" That kid keeps me laughing for sure!. Oh ya and Layla's darlingness...and barfing on Greg 3 times at church ,, haha