Supportive Family and Friends!

I never knew I had so many!

Your words of encouragement were outstanding...I think I will go jump off the empire state building now.

In response to all you haters-
(in order of comments received)

Im soooo sorry I'm not cool like you and running the marathon. Everyone has to start somewhere.
and it IS a triathlon. Let the smack talk begin!!


Yes, 22 minutes IS ambitious. As am I. Don't sound so surprised.


Your right that isn't much slower than KC. That just proves to me it is possible. We did run near each other at our 5k, and still I beat 5 minutes. This was without ANY former training and I had done maybe 1 weeks worth of exercise since almost back in 11th grade. Ice cream was my staple food and Dr. Pepper was in my stomach in abundance. This is no longer the case.


Thank you for your love and support. You are welcome to come watch, but it is in Lake Powell (2 hours away) I would love to have you come.


When have you EVER said "killa dilla?" Justin must have his hands full with having a wife that rides the short bus. Go listen to the Beatles.

Taylor and Ruby-

I did play the drums-for almost 10 years! You must not know me very well... :)
Thanks for being my running partner!


"You are my hero"
Sorry...I do not feel the same. Manny is my hero!


Yes you could see me the entire 5k. My BACKSIDE!
If you want to run it again I am sure you will be comfortable with the view.

Thank you too for your love and support. It looks like the mothers are the only ones that care. As for me feeling humiliated by Steve if I do a bad job... After he makes fun of me I will simply point out his hair, his pink guitar, and his speedo. That ought to settle him down.


Jennifer Heath said...

Let us not forget he also used a $5 off coupon to buy his power drink not so long ago. Oh how the mighty have fallen! By the way the hair is kind of sexy...but I'm with you on the "jam with me Barbie guitar" Sorry Steve,I know you read Pauls blog and I know how much you love your pink guitar named "John Wayne.
Rock on Paul!!!!!

Steve said...

Paul is getting very mean, he's obviously on steroids.

Hillarys little Paynes said...

paul you are in the wrong line of work. you should be writing david lettermans top 10 list or something. there! is that supportive enough. booo hoo,

"All you need is love" said...

Paul, after you complain about your friends not knowing you I am shocked and totally in tears over your obvious recolection loss over a memorable text exchange we once shared about the whole "killa Dilla" thing almost a year ago...The short bus, hah! very original, Mine looks more like a 'yellow submarine' if you don't mind. I guess I won't be making that 'Go paully, you can't do it' t-shirt, complete with rhinestones after all!