Lake Powell3 Triathlon

Lake Powell3
Most of you that know me, know that I love ice cream.
You know that I LOVE music.
You know that I played (will play again) the drums.
You know that I have an adorable family.
You know where I work.
You know what I drive.
You know ME.

Most of you however did NOT know...

I have just signed up to be a part of the Lake Powell3 Triathlon next month.
Don't get your panties all in a bunch... I'm just doing the run in the relay competition.
Steve Heath (my father-in-law) will be swimming. Jake Heath (my brother-in-law) will be biking, and yours truly will be running.

The swim is: 750 Meters (1/2 mile)
The bike is: 14 miles
The run is: 3.2 Miles

Steve is thinking he will be able to swim in less than 12 minutes. Preferably 10.5
Jake is working on about 35 min.
I am planning on about 22 min.
I tell you this so that we (me especially) will be held accountable.
I ran 3 5ks in the last week, and done some other workouts at the gym.

Updates are surely to come. If any of you would like to give me some competition...sign up soon! I would love to lay the smack down on you.


[Julie R] said...

I believe that's called a 5k not a triathlon. ha ha ha...sign me up for the competition smack down! I could waste you! We just signed up for the Swiss day 5k fun run. Strollers are allowed so Mason will be running with us. I've heard it is such a "fun run" (no pun intended). You guys should sign up too. It is the weekend before the marathon!

Brooke & Brady Ewing said...

22 minutes is pretty ambitious there, killer.. but you will do it. Good for you, sounds like a great place to have a triathlon.

Anonymous said...

So have you been running those seven minute miles to reach your goal. That is not much slower than KC. I sort of remember running along side of you in our family 5k and I know I completed it in 33 minutes. hehe woohoo you can do it!

Freddie said...

Hey Woggy, that is cool ,, the other night when you told me you were doing the race im sorry we got distracted with cute Zander and didnt finish talking to you about it all.. What other races have you ran? when did you run them? I always thought you could run pretty fast. was it you that beat Brandon bare foot? ha ha ha,, good luck and I am rooting for you.. I want to go to it and watch you...

"All you need is love" said...
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"All you need is love" said...

Paully, You go girl! Like I said before you're "Killa Dilla"

Taylor and Ruby Ricks said...

I didn't know you played the drums!

Steve said...

Paul is my hero

Hillarys little Paynes said...

oooooo that sounds sooo awesome. but sadie is right, i remember seeing you within eyesight, the entire 5 k. haha sadie makes me laugh.

Jennifer Heath said...

Don't listen to all of this trash talk. You don't want to lose your focus. What you SHOULD be focused on is... your father-in-law NEVER EVER letting you live the humiliation down if you don't do well. If that little tid-bit burned into your brain doesn't keep you focused on the prize nothing will!