Cowboy up!

I took Zander to the fairgrounds the other day because they had a TON of horses there. I had so much fun watching Zander figure out what he was actually looking at. This nice cowgirl lady let Zander ride a horse named big bootie or something (i can't remember). Anyway, Zander didn't really know what to think but it sure was cute seeing him ride a horse!
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Traci said...

How fun. I swear Zander gets cuter and cuter every time I see him. It looks like you both had a good time!

Ali said...

That is fun that you took him there. What a fun mom!! I know that Taylor would FREAK out if we even tried to put her on one. I already know without even trying. That is neat that Zander wanted to pet him. Fun Times!

Brooke & Brady said...

I love him in that baseball hat, he looks like a little man! It was a lot of fun seeing him the other night, we need to do that more often!