The orchard is blooming and so are my allergies. I had to shove pieces of wadded up toilet paper up my nose to keep my head from exploding. Well worth it to see my girl frolicking in the flowers.








Freddie said...

Ohhh my word!! Im in love with this child. !!!She is beautiful !! You are so lucky to be her mother. :) and im so happy and lucky to be her grandma. :) its nice to see the blossoms out in St George too ,, they are out here in England .. so pretty ! miss you all tons and now im missing Layla even more than any one.

J Family said...

I was so tempted to take my girls back out there for pictures this year but decided that may be a little excessive-- kind of wish I would have anyway. So beautiful!!

motherofangels said...

Wow, she is so pretty!

Kilie and Robby Lehman said...

wow! what a beautiful neice I have!! she just melts my heart!! soooo adorable and awesome photography skills jes! your amazing!

Jennifer Heath said...

Vivid description of the photographer..ha ha.
Layla-bean is scrumptious ♥

Emily Young said...

Oh my gosh Jess! She is growing up so fast!!! I just want to squeeze her. If you aren't coming up anytime soon I am going to plan a trip down there I need to see you all. Miss you!