Our little Beanie just turned one....well a month ago. Here she is in all of her splendor showing off her signature facial expression, while putting her baby in a head lock.

We got her this little doll that plays peek-a-boo for her birthday gift. I thought it was so cute in the store, but after taking it home it ended up giving me creep out. Long story short, I'm completely afraid of her doll.

It's ok though because all Layla wanted to do was gouge her eyes out anyway.

My completely talented and awesome friend Leslie made Layla this ROCKIN' cake. Is she talented or what!

I guess Layla didn't want to get her hands dirty...who's kid is this??
Nothing says, "I love you" like shoving your baby girl's face into her birthday cake.

Taking a breather.

More awesomeness by Leslie...and yes they tasted as good as they looked!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Beanie!!! Your a complete joy to us!


Freddie said...

Ok I must be loosing my mind for sure. I thought I sent Layla a Happy Birthday wish but now im starting to think it might have been in a dream or something. It was an email to all the birthdays in that month..Am i crazy? Layla Happy Happy Birthday !! I love you and Im so sorry I missed your big day.Im sorry im a bad grandma but hope i can make up for lost time when i get home . Put a rock on your head so you will stop growning please. Your beautiful Layla Bean:)

Hillarys little Paynes said...

I also think I missed her b day :( I always forget birthdays though so tell her to get used to it. haha. What a cute little lady you have, and an adorable cake, what a good idea. so happy b day to layla 1 month late!

Taylor and Ruby Ricks said...

Cute pictures Jess. Just wanted to tell you, I think you have to hang the one of zander with his tattoo on your new wall. (I love that one)

Emily Young said...

I cant believe it has been that fast. She is so cute I want to squeeze her! I need to see you all more then I do.

brooke said...

can i borrow leslie as my friend when abie turns 1?

i've seen the cupcake shaped cakes and always thought they were a little cheesy.

until now. she makes it look so chic....