While looking through some pictures of this past summer I stumbled upon this one.
My boy at the peak of summer.
Completely blond and wonderful.
Full of mischief and curiosity.
I beg you not to grow up, or be too cool to hold my hand.


Emily Young said...

Jess~ I love this sweet, energenic boy! You are such and amazing Mom. Those two are so lucky to have you and they will love you forever, even when they are too cool to hold your hand.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that! I tell my kids to stop growing every day and look at them now. Brode will not hold my hand. Even Teague fights it now and then.

Freddie said...

Jesi, if he is like his daddy he will not grow up too much to hold your hand , hug you and tell you he loves you ,, its great! I miss the z bug so much!

Jennifer Heath said...

Not to worry,Jake will still hold my hand and skip, you on the other hand.......ha ha