Fourth of July

I need to do better at posting actual events on our blog instead of random pictures. We really Do fun things with our kids on occasion! This was part of our 4th of July extravaganza posted almost a month late...better late then never I suppose. We had a great holiday! My brother and his girlfriend came over for a BBQ and afterward we lit fireworks while it was still light out!

Z-Bug and Layla Bean LOVED every minute of it. Zander is probably the only human in existence that likes watching snakes grow... look at his concentration in the right hand picture. Layla pretty much flapped her arms like a little hummingbird and smiled during the whole event, but what's new. Later that night we watched an AWESOME firework show in St. George. Getting up for church the next morning was rough, but totally worth it.


Freddie said...

Z looks like he is waiting for the snake to expload, and Layla's feet look like she was in Joes Valley!! ha ha ha,, love those kids!! im missing out on way too much of there lives but i guess that is the way granparents have to be, or we would steal them for our own. :)


Your kids are so cute. I love them. Layla sounds like an angel and is certainly as cute as one. I love Z and his boots. Holy moly I love his little personality. I should DO more fun things with my kid while I can :) We are BORING.

Jennifer Heath said...

Fireworks while it's still light out?! Your living on the edge...FYI: I like Z-Bugs boots. OOOhhh and nice chair!