Go Tour China Contest!

Click the button to visit the site and enter to win!
Great prizes include:

Prize – 1. Sony Cybershot DSW120/B 7.2 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom and Super Steady Shot


2. An 8 “x 11” photobook from Snapfish (limit 20 pages, additional pages to be paid by winner at Snapfish standard prices)


Please reblog this contest and let EVERYONE you know have a chance to win!
If you would (or could) put one of the buttons on your blog as well, it would be appreciated. Just for a month...I know you can do it for me.


Thanks- Paul


Julie said...

consider it done. I usually don't do this kind of stuff but for you I make an exception. Best of Luck!!

Go Tour China said...

Julie, Thanks for being the only other (besides Jesi) supportive person I know.

Family and friends- NO thanks for you.

The Fox's said...

hey Jessie! I think your ties are adorable. i was wondering if you had like a button or an icon or even just a link or something i could put on my blog to advertise for you. I haven't seen much on it lately. Do you still make them? so cute. hope things are going well for you guys!