The ice cream man came through our neighborhood for the first time the other day, and I couldn't help but feel nostalgic when I saw him coming around the corner blaring that creepy "ice cream man" music that they always play. I quickly grabbed my wallet and Zander while my mouth salivated for a ninja turtle ice cream bar. Zander chose a spiderman ice cream with bubblegum eyes and immediately started eating it with the wrapper on. By the time he was done he had dyed his face, hands, shirt, and the neighbors driveway (I'm not kidding about the driveway). Anyway, it was money well spent and I felt like I had done my part as a mom by letting him experience something that I had when I was a kid (even though I couldn't help but think about what the blue dye was doing to his insides).

I think he enjoyed it....don't you?


Freddie said...

Ok... Mollie and I are sitting here dying from laughter. Boy do we love that kid! yummm

Hannah and KC Stayner said...

i was sad because the ice cream man drove by the other day but it was right at smiths nap time so I chose not to load him with sugar right then... but next time, i will stop him!

Kar said...

Hi Jes this is Rachel. He is so cute. 33 weeks already what a fast pregnancy especially from my end of it. Ha ha. You are so beautiful. And Zander is adorable. We love you. Love the Ortegas