Five Fingers, Ten Toes.

If any of you have had this dilemma, I found an answer.

Every time I go to the beach, lake, river, pond...wherever. Never having the right shoe. This last weekend our friends invited us to a cabin in Brian Head. The large pond out back was cold and fun to swim in. The problem...the beach or lack there of. I had a big cut on the bottom of my foot, and had to limp the rest of the weekend. I tried to where a pair of Crocs...they came off, stuck in the mud. Flip-Flops... I wont even go into the dis functionality of those. Chaco's have holes all over them, so Sand and mud gets all in them, and they are heavy. I always end up going barefoot, and have to be super careful.

Last night while shopping for my upcoming Havasupie trip, I found the solution.

"Five Fingers"

feels like barefeet, but you can do anything in them. Once you get over the weirdness factor, you will love them! I do.


Anonymous said...

you seriously bought these??
there is definatley a weirdness factor. dosen't it feel like you have something between your toes? cuz you do.

"All you need is love" said...

Love them. I am totally going to buy these, I am just waiting to see them on ebay or some other discount situation. Did you pay $80, or find them cheaper. Let me know.

Paul and Jessica Jewkes said...

I got them on discount for $32 at a local St George store. Want me to get you a pair?