I have been taking a few pictures of other kids besides my own. So I thought you could get a break and look at other peoples children for a change. HA HA! What a bunch of little cuties!

Lidia May (I'm pretty sure this one is by far the funniest!)





Eli the Incredible


I actually can't remember this little guys name- oops!


Mason the Magnificent
Ok, I couldn't resist. I had to throw in at least one of Zander.

WOW! That was a LONG post!


Freddie said...

Ohhhh Wow Jesi, you are doing so good with your photography! Im so proud of you. You have to start your own kids photos business.Next time you come over bring your camera. Would love a pic of Greg and I with Z. This last picture of him on here is so cute. ohhh, was he sad or just pouting? haha,, what I kid!

Hannah and KC Stayner said...

oh jesi... i am so jealous of your talent! I wish I had your eye. Would you like me to start advertising the company in St. George for child photography so you can make money? I guess you could just start your own company... ha ha. I just figured with my website and stuff already up it would make business easier. Let me know!

Brooke & Brady Ewing said...

wahooo! It was so fun to see you and those are good pics, not to mention your good eye, but how you 'tweak' them afterwards... they look way good. I am coming to see you, this weather sucks

Taylor and Ruby Ricks said...

Jess you rock thanks for the pic of Lydia I am in LOVE with them.