I went to my first ever MLB game, The Cubbies and Mariners played in Vegas. On the drive down I said "Since this is my first ever MLB game, I deserve to catch a ball"

Well...it didn't go quite that way.

In the 7th inning, Miguel Cairo for the Mariners got up to bat and hit off 2 fouls. 6 fouls during the game had come within 50 feet of my seat. The next swing... up up and away, right in my direction. We all got on our feet, I put my mitt on, and stepped in the aisle way. My brothers-in-law, Brandon and KC and my friend Bump were in the row right above me. They too stepped out for it. The ball came down, grazing the tip of my mitt as Bump bare hand snagged it right from my glove. Needless to say it gave him a sore hand, and a piece of baseball joy. After a little negotiation, I ended up with the ball. (Thanks Bump!)
I know this wouldn't be a big deal to some, but it is HUUUUGE for me.
The pics are some I took on my phone camera. They are not the quality of photo you are used to seeing on this blog from my pro-photographer wife, but they do the trick, and make me really happy.


Freddie said...

Hooooooraaaayyyyy! Im so happy that you got to live your dream woggy boodle. And Bump must be a real nice friend. I would never given it up to you. haha.. jk :)

Anonymous said...

so how did you bribe hime to give it to you

kateworthi said...

Wow! that's exciting! By the way, I am loving the new title area! I was laughing hysterically - because you guys really are a BIG DEAL! Ha ha.

Jennifer Heath said...

Congratulations! Now you have more than just leather bound books!!! If I had been there it would have hit ME in the face, [Just ask Steve] but I would have given it to you as well.

Kalli said...

What a cool story how about that.. and you ended up with the ball you guys are a pretty big deal!