This is Zander and his great grandma sharing Crasins. He didn't want anything to do with her until she bribed him with food. She is seriously one of the cutest ladies ever!
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Ashley said...

That is sooo sweet! I love how they are looking at each other! He looks like you couldn't tear him away if you tried!

It was great to see you on Saturday! Here is my blog address

now we can keep in touch.


Jess. I am SO sad that I didn't get to see you Sunday. After the sick email I figured people would be mad if their kids got sick, even though I wasn't really sick yet. Just not feeling well. I didn't want to be blamed:) Those pics are just so precious. Can you take some pics of Karl and I? I want a really nice, professional picture of us. Please?

"All you need is love" said...

This is a great way to stay up with friends without the committment of actually being a friend...isn't technology wonderful? jk. Anyway it will be a vast improvement on our current situation. When we're together it's just like old times, and then we don't talk until we see you again. Zander actually looks like you guys now. Last time we saw him, he looked like baby. The video of Zander laughting at your head is hilarious. This time of year I am really wanting to make a trip to old southern utah. You'll be the first to know if we do.
~ Tell Paul I still have a burr in my saddle about his negative attitude towards the fab four. I have some good arguments ready, that didn't come to mind last time (Just you wait 'Enry 'Iggins!)

kateworthi said...

Jessi - I had SUCH a great time talking with you yesterday. Thanks for indulging me!!! Maybe we'll make it to SG one day! And those are some precious pictures. I love the 2nd one. It reminds me of Grandma J's - Oh! SO cute.

Freddie said...

Hey Jesi Paul and Zander, I miss you all !! I guess I wont get to see you till after Hannah has her baby but maybe if I get brave I will bring Brode and Peyton back to St George for a few days. Peyton cant stand being in the car so I dont know if i dare attempt it. Any way, I will be excited to get back home. i feel like I have been gone for a month ,, haha oh maybe I have been. Hug Zander for me and go keep Crawpa Gweg company.