First Haircut



Well......Paul got a wild hair to cut Zander's wild hair while I was out shopping the other night. Apparently, Paul didn't do such a great job and ended up having to buzz his whole head. It's a good thing Zander has a cute face because he has no hair to cover it up now! HA HA! (I can laugh about it now, but I didn't think it was very funny at the time HA HA!) Maybe we should just keep the wig on him.
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Freddie said...

Oh my what a cute kid you have. With or without hair!! His new hair cut is quite funny , but looking back at the other pictures of his mo-hawk, I think I like the buzz a bit better... haha. Wow I'm glad I was not there when you came back from shopping hahahaha.

Jennifer Heath said...

Al has 21 days to grow his hair back before I come for a visit! I loved his red Mohawk. It will truly be missed. I am in mourning.