Sand Hollow Resort

For those of you that don't know, I have officially quit the Olive Garden, and now work full time as a sales associate for Sand Hollow Resort. The picture you see here is my new office! I love each and everyday at my new job and feel very blessed to have been given it. Sand Hollow Resort(SHR) is the newest and greatest thing to hit St. George. With 27 holes of golf, spas, pools, 4 wheeling, and boating, what better place could there be?! Hopefully you will all come visit me sometime and enjoy the beauty of southern Utah.

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Freddie said...

ohh so hear is how I do it,, well any way, Zander is sure cute in his blue chair sitting up so cool like... heheh I LOVE my Zander man,, bring him over so i can chew on his fat legs.